Hyper Shine Top Coat - HEMA Free

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Hyper Shine HEMA free Top Coat offers unrivalled shine and durability for a flawless, long lasting mani. 

  • Made in the EU
  • Gel colour system
  • UV and LED curable
  • Soak off
  • Highly pigmented
  • Long lasting wear
  • Silky smooth application
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free

One 18ml bottle achieves up to 140 sets.


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Ingredients & Cautions

Always wear non permeable, nitrile gloves when handling any UV gel product.

Only apply to healthy nails.

Apply in thin coats, do not overload the brush. Thick coats of product will not cure sufficiently. The more pigmented the colour, the thinner the coat should be.

Avoid all contact with skin. If contact with skin occurs, remove immediately.

Do not cure nails with product on the skin.

Use a 48W UV/LED lamp with a minimum of 365 + 400 nanometers to cure. Cure each coat for 90 seconds. If hands are removed from the lamp during curing, always make up lost seconds with another round of curing. It is not possible to over cure this product.

Remove gloves using a 'no touch method' i.e. do not pull from the fingertips where you could touch transferred product, pull down from the wrist, turning the glove inside out and dispose of in general waste. Always use a fresh pair of gloves for each client.

Always wash both yours and client's hands after application of final top coat and before use of cuticle oil.

Our products are for use by qualified nail professionals only.


BIS-HEA Polycaprolactone/SMDI Copolymer, Urethane Acrylate, Pentaerythrityl Tetramercaptopropionate, PEG-3 Trimethylolpropane Triacrylate, Benzoyl Isopropanol, Ethyl Trimethylbenzoyl Phenylphosphinate, Silicone Polyether Acrylate, CI60725, CI77510, P-Hydroxyanisole

Curing Information

Use a minimum of 36W UV/LED lamp or with a minimum of 365 + 405 nanometers to cure. Cure each coat for 90 seconds. If hands are removed from the lamp during curing, always make up lost seconds with another round of curing. It is not possible to over cure this product.

We recommend the range SunUV lamps as our gels have been fully tested with these lamps.

PAT test your lamp annually and check daily that all bulbs are in good working order and free from cured gel residue.

Tips for HEMA Free Longevity

Due to the absence of HEMA in this product, it is important that the nail is fully prepped before application to aid adhesion and increase longevity. Follow our tips below to help your HEMA free set last!

  • Push back cuticles starting from the side walls of the nail, working your way into the centre of the nail. Invisible cuticle matter can grow right up into the middle of the nail plate, so it's important to remove this and not just concentrate solely on the cuticle area.
  • Using a cuticle curette, gently pull back the side walls of the nail and work out any remaining cuticle from these areas as well as from the cuticle area itself.
  • Consistently use a dust brush to dust the removed cuticle from the nail plate as you are working, this allows debris to be removed so you can easily tell when no further cuticle is lifting from the nail as you gently scrape.
  • File the nail into your desired shape, and using a 100/180 grit buffer, etch the nail plate by gently buffing each nail in different directions until you have taken the shine off the natural nail. This will help give the product something to hold on to and aid adhesion.  It is important to concentrate on the sides of nail too, taking care not to buff the skin. You can place your thumb over the cuticle area of to avoid any over-buffing and redness.
  • Dust off any remaining debris and using a lint free wipe saturated in nail prep solution, thoroughly wipe each nail individually, taking care that all dust and debris is removed from the side walls of the nail. This will help to further remove any oil from and slightly dehydrate the nail, helping to prolong the life of your manicure.
  • Apply a thin coat of Superbond Base Coat and using the 'scrubbing method', work the product into the nail plate in back and forth motions with your brush. This will help the product fill the tiny grooves left by etching the nail plate after buffing, offering further adhesion of the product to the nail plate. Cure for 90 seconds (or 99 seconds on low heat mode if heat spikes are experienced).
  • Apply your chosen HEMA free gel colour in thin coats. The more pigmented the colour, the thinner the coat should be. This ensures proper curing of the product and helps to prevent lifting. Cure for 90 seconds.
  • It is important that the free edge of the nail is not overloaded with product as this can lead to lifting.
  • Do not soak nails in water or wash your client's hands before application. Additional moisture can lead to eventual lifting of the product.
  • Do not apply oils, cuticle remover solutions or hand creams to your clients hands before application, this too can lead to eventual lifting of the product.
  • Advise clients to avoid harsh chemicals including cleaning products, chlorine and retinol.
Application Guides

Proper application of UV gel polish is crucial to achieving that perfect long-lasting manicure and more importantly, preventing allergies and infections. Download our handy application guide to ensure you're getting the most from our products!


- Finish with TWENTY Hyper Shine Top Coat

- Use a cuticle oil daily to prevent lifting and chipping

- Avoid swimming and hot tubs for 48 hours after application

- Use gloves when cleaning with harsh chemicals to protect nails

- Do not pick at polish, this may cause damage to the natural nail.

- Do not use nails as tools, this can cause damage to the natural nail.

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